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    4D Hair-like Authentic Eyebrows $9.95

    Still struggling to fill & shape your brows every day?

    Want feathery eyebrows with realistic hair strands INSTANTLYNO PAIN, NO MESS!

    4D Hair-like Authentic Eyebrows adopts one-step application to create full & realistic eyebrows lasting for days, achieving a semi-permanent tattoo result.

    Suitable for people with light or sparse eyebrows, eyebrow hair loss due to age or medical reasons i.e chemotherapy, or just for an instant boost on your look without the commitment of brow embroidery or microblading.

    Brow Microblading process might severely damage the eyebrow root and the skin area, restraining new hair strands from growing. Don’t risk damaging your brows!

    • These stick-on brows instantly transform your look with full and natural brows. Eyebrows on fleek in SECONDS!
    • Forget about messy application with glues or excess ink and powder all over your face. Just dap some water and peel – you are all DONE!
    • Made with waterproof pigments, these 4D brows have strong staying power up to 7 days.
    • Unlike cosmetic tattooing and permanent embroidery, our brows cause absolutely no harm or wounds to skin with no recovery time. Stick on and stay gorgeous!
    • Whether you fancy a sharp arch, a gentle curve, or a straighter structure, you can find the perfect brows from our selection to flatter your face shape.
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    Heated Eyelash Curler $14.99

    Time to be nice to your eyelashes and eyelids. Your eyelids deserve a break from your normal eyelash manual curler.

    You deserve 24-hour easy long-lasting luscious looking lashes by Heated Eyelash Curler with no crimping or clumping at the bat of an eyelid with the heated pen-style eyelash curler.

    Two lines of heating system. Say goodbye to crimped or clumpy lashes – No pinching, tugging or pulling! The heated eyelash curler lifts, separates and curls lashes beautifully and naturally.

    No More Eyelash Extensions! No More Pulling Eyelashes! You are done with any pain and any chance of pinching your sensitive eyelids.

    The safe application of the Heated Eyelash Curler will provide you the comfort in knowing your eyelashes and eyelids will be safe from any harm with our state of the art technology.
    Perfect for make-up purse or travel.

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    Women Make Up Organizer Bag $19.90

    You’ll love this bag!

    This makeup bag has a compact design and has multiple sections.It has lovely color options in pastel shades.This bag can be used as a make-up and cosmetic bag or in a variety of ways.You can also use it as an organizer!



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