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    Heated Lunch Box $29.99

    You will heat your food quickly and keep it warm efficiently with our Heated Lunch Box!

    You can enjoy hot food, wherever you are without any need for a microwave! This multi-functional food warmer is very practicaldurable, and easy to use and convenient to clean. Moreover, this Heated Lunch Box is perfect for long days out.

    Low power cycle heating feature keeps food warm and refreshingMoreover, Heated Lunch Box has a dual function such as heating and warm keeping

    Moreover, Heated Lunch Box contains environmentally-friendly and high-quality materialsThe steam installation is designed as a circular lid to keep food fresh. The use of PTC heating component is safer, more convenient and more energy efficient. 

    Purchase Mugadan`s Heated Lunch Box for a very affordable price, save a fortune for yourself, and have fresh foods wherever and whenever you want!


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